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Microsoft Office

How to Use MigrationWiz

MigrationWiz is an online application created by BitTitan that facilitates the automation of migration from a source service to a […]


How to add tasks to an email in Outlook 2013

With the abundance of emails we receive every day, it may be hard to keep ourselves up to date with […]

Step 6

How to use Contact Groups in Outlook 2013

Composing an email to be sent to multiple recipients can be a tedious process, particularly in corporate environments. Whether sending […]


How to remove holidays from your Outlook 2013 calendar

Navigate to Calendar in Outlook 2013. Select View tab on the top Under the View tab, select Change View and click […]


How to disable an Outlook 2013 add-in

We have all come across the problem where an add-in on Outlook is not making it function correctly! So… what […]


How to add holidays in your Outlook 2013 calendar

In Outlook 2013, navigate to File. Select Options. In the Outlook Options dialog box, select Calender. Scroll to the ‘Calender […]


Configuring Safe Senders list in Outlook

Getting infuriated when your family and friends emails keep appearing in your spam folder? Want to put a stop to […]


Forward a bunch of emails to one recipient easily in Outlook 2013

Need to forward a variety of emails to one person but don’t know the quick way? We show you how […]


How to create an email signature in Outlook 2013

Confused on how to create your signature in Outlook 2013? Then follow these simple steps below!   Select FILE on the […]

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