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Stop your earphones falling out with the Podbudy

If you are an avid athlete in your exercise regime or simply dancing away in your room listening to your […]

Protect your privacy with Mycroft Mark II, the only open source voice assistant

For users who are enthralled by voice assistant technology such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, but a little hesitant to […]

Clearer sinuses is one breath away with Avya, The Battery-Powered Steam Inhaler

Are you one of those poor people that suffer from hayfever, sinus, asthma and other breathing related problems? Or perhaps […]

Recharge your mobile phone in no time with the CircleOne Wireless Charging Power Bank

Many of us today rely heavily on our mobile phones, whether it be looking up a delicious restaurant for an […]

Protect your beloved dog on walks with the K-9ite Safety Light belt

For many loving dog owners, there is nothing more important than ensuring your precious pooch is kept safe and sound […]

Stay bright on your bike with Magnic Microlights

For many cyclists, the roads can be treacherous and making sure you are well lit up and conspicuous to other vehicles […]

Keep toasty warm with the Sustain Sport Heated Scarf

‘Baby it is cold outside’, we normally say (or sing) when Winter befalls us. As you walk through the icy windy […]

Teach kids the wonders of technology with The Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Kids

Are you a parent stressing over how to teach your children the ins and outs of modern day technology? Does […]

Breathe sparkling clean air when out and about with O2F JumperOne – The World’s First Oxygen Filter Jumper

Don’t you absolutely hate it when you are stuck in a tin can for several hours flying to a lavish […]

Brighten up your surroundings with Roo Light

We can always decorate our place with the typical blasé lamps one finds at the local furniture store, however, what is the point in […]

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