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Apple OSX

How to find your public and private IP address

If you are looking for the public IP address and private IP address for a computing device in Windows, Mac, […]

Apple iOS9

   Photo Credit: Warren R.M. Stuart via Compfight cc In June this year apple announced its new mobile operating system iOS 9, which has […]

New IPhone 6 Leaked Photo

Apple’s new IPhone 6 has been leaked as images have now hit the internet showing the new apple device in […]

5 apps that will make your life easier

There are many apps out there that we can use to waste time, but also many helpful apps that allow […]


Popular social networking app saps your iphone battery life

Use a typical iphone? Wondering why your battery life is so poor all the time?? We all hear how shutting […]

Remotely access your computer through Google Chrome

If you have Google Chrome installed on your computer, you only need to install a Google Chrome extension in order […]

Print files from your mobile device with ease using Breezy

Do you wish you could print from your mobile devices anywhere at anytime without having to use your computer? Breezy […]


A flexible secure charger for your iphone

Iphones are used by almost half of the worldwide population and are a valuable asset for our day to day […]

ProCryptum review

There are many encryption softwares out there, and one of the latest additions to the technology market is ProCryptum. ProCryptum […]

Abiword Review: A Great Multiplatform Word Processing App

What better way to complete a review of a word processor than to use it to write its own review? Abiword […]

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