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How to setup private browsing on any web browser

If you ever have the need to use the private or incognito mode on your web browser then this guide is […]

How to add a Gmail account to your Android Mobile Phone

For our fantastic how to guide today we show you how to add your Gmail account onto your android mobile […]

How to delete a WhatsApp message you wrongly sent

All hell has broken loose! You’ve gone and sent a message on WhatsApp to the wrong person! We aren’t talking […]

Android Smartphones Being Converted to Windows 10?

Windows 10 is coming to town, and it looks like the battle for smartphone OS supremacy is well and truly […]

5 apps that will make your life easier

There are many apps out there that we can use to waste time, but also many helpful apps that allow […]


How to stream videos from your phone to your Smart TV through WiFi Direct

Got a Smart TV? Got an Android phone? Got Wifi Direct inbuilt on your phone? If yes to all the […]

Hide Files and Folders from prying eyes on your Android device

If you ever feel a sudden rush of unease when you have accidentally left your android device out or you […]

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