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Brighten up your surroundings with Roo Light

We can always decorate our place with the typical blasé lamps one finds at the local furniture store, however, what is the point in that when you can truly liven up the place with fashionable 3D printed lamps… introducing Roo Light! Roo Light, which is currently gathering pledges on Kickstarter, is a 3D printed lamp, in a shape of a kangaroo (hence the ‘Roo’ in the name!). This nifty gadget would certainly add character and brighten up your home with its aesthetically pleasing, friendly and original design. You’ll certainly be a hit among your friends and have a fall on conversation piece with those awkward relatives if you have one or a few of these lovely products adorning your premises.

Roo Light on display in the garden

How did the concept of Roo Light originate?

Kito Studios drew inspiration for their innovative product after an unexpected trip to a lighting manufacturing power house in China. The creators realised that harnessing this type of manufacturing technology would enable them to deliver exceptional tailor made products to their consumers. Luckily with the 3D printing patent expiring in 2009, Roo Light would not have seen the light of day. The removal of the patent means overhead costs are reduced significantly and people like us can get our hands on interesting and awesome products such as Roo Light!

Why the fascination for the kangaroo design?

Kito Studios are fascinated by Australia’s wildlife and the owners could see there was a dire need for this kind of unique and amiable design in the marketplace. What a better way to showcase their fondness by developing the light in the shape of a kangaroo? It is evident that the structure exudes a feeling of natural beauty and warmth in comparison to minimalist designs. In future, Kito Studios are hoping to bring other wonderful fauna to light including wombats, echidnas and koalas.

Further details including measurements of Roo Light

How does Roo Light work?

The lamp is battery operated with LED strip lighting and its upper space frame body helps in diffusing light onto any surface it is placed on. Since it is battery-powered, there are no pesky wires that you have to unplug if you prefer to move it from place to place fairly regularly. It is also controlled with a remote so you don’t have to get up and walk over to switch it off. How convenient! The LED strip lighting means that users can use various colours to brighten their Roo Light. For example, if you have the touch of the winter blues you can energise yourself with some orange or yellow. Or, if you want a more Christmassy feel, you can use red or green!

Roo Light working at night to create a warm glow in its location

Where can I use Roo Light?

Roo Light can be placed in your home, garden, shop, business, cafe… anywhere your heart desires! Roo Light is water resistant but not water proof so if you have a huge storm headed your way, a good idea would be to put the Roo Light undercover.

Roo Light placed on a restaurant table

All in all, we find Roo Light’s impressive use of the latest 3D printing technology and seriously ‘cute’ appearance (come on… it is adorable) highly appealing. At this point in writing, there are 25 days to go for the Kickstarter campaign! If you are keen on backing Kito Studios and getting your hands on a Roo Light or want to find out more information, then you can check it out here.

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