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Breathe sparkling clean air when out and about with O2F JumperOne – The World’s First Oxygen Filter Jumper

Don’t you absolutely hate it when you are stuck in a tin can for several hours flying to a lavish holiday destination only to discover that you picked up a bug from your fellow passenger? Well despair no more as lo and behold the Australian-made O2F JumperOne – The World’s First Oxygen Filter Jumper – may be coming to the marketplace! The O2F JumperOne, which is currently seeking pledges on Kickstarter, is an innovative and stylish garment that is designed to filter out all those nasty pollutants and irritants floating about in the vicinity and leave you to inhale crystal clear air.

A young woman wearing the O2F JumperOne - the world's first oxygen jumper

Who are the brains behind the O2F JumperOne?

Well actually only one major ‘brain’ is behind the O2F JumperOne, and that is Boyd Martin. Boyd runs a company called Big Screen Entertainment PTY LTD which has been configuring apps for mainly startups and iOS mobiles since the days people used to ask him “What’s An App?”. Remember that? Years ago right? Boyd comments that he is “motivated by creating amazing products that can have a positive impact on peoples lives”. We can be rest assured that the O2F JumperOne is not a last minute haphazard put together product but something that has taken a lot of thought, time, effort, extensive testing and re configuration to deliver a fresh and reliable masterpiece.

Where did the inspiration for the O2F JumperOne come from?

After the umpteenth time of getting sick from a flight in 2016, Boyd Martin came up with the idea of the O2F JumperOne, a fashionable alternative to the surgical mask. Boyd mentions that “…I know that every 7 minutes on a plane you breathe in the same air, and in the mean time you breathe everyone else’s, but was always conscious of the stigma around wearing a surgical mask and thought there has to be a better way for those who want to protect themselves. Which is why I created the first of the O2F line – JumperOne”. Well you can’t go wrong there, Boyd!

The creator, Boyd Martin, showing how to put the extendable collar of the O2F JumperOne to filter the air

How does the O2F JumperOne work?

The O2F JumperOne is seriously very easy to use. You just put it on and lift up the extendable collar front scarf component to cover your mouth and select the filter mode you prefer, rubber or surgical mask. The rubber mode behaves as an oxygen limiter and N99 level filter which is suitable for athletes. The surgical mask mode filters out all the bad contaminants in the air which is recommended for commuters or day to day wear. For consumers who prefer to have a little bit extra protection, you can attach your own surgical mask to the extendable collar. If you don’t need to use the filtering system anymore, you simply pull the collar down below your chin and go on your merry way!

Where and when should I use the O2F JumperOne?

The O2F JumperOne is meant for anyone to wear at anytime. It is such a comfortable and adaptable fit that it is even suitable as a sports wear. You simply put it on and off you trot! For the adventurous and physically fit people who like to participate in high altitude hikes, there is an oxygen limiter in place to prevent those infernal headaches. That is handy!

Examples of where the O2F JumperOne can be used for athletes, sport and the commuter

We are truly enthralled by this original, inventive and sleek product and believe it would be a certain hit among consumers! We certainly would love to get our hands on one. Who wouldn’t want to protect themselves against pollutants and irritants by donning fashionable attire instead of a confronting surgical mask? At this point in writing, the O2F JumperOne has 15 days to go with their Kickstarter campaign. If you are keen on finding out more about the O2F JumperOne and backing it on Kickstarter, then click here.

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