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How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows

If you find it takes a seriously long time for Windows to load up then it may be associated with how many […]

How to force Windows to Always Show File Extensions

No versions of Windows that has been released so far to date show complete file extensions by default. This can […]

How to setup Canned Responses in Gmail

If you are a person who regularly types in the same type of email response in Gmail such as a […]

How To Disable A Windows 10 User Account

If you need to prevent a person accessing a computer with their Windows 10 user account for security reasons then […]

How to find your public and private IP address

If you are looking for the public IP address and private IP address for a computing device in Windows, Mac, […]

How to get rid of the OneDrive sign in pop up every time you log into Windows

Along with the various inbuilt applications that come with Windows 10, there is also OneDrive. Now OneDrive isn’t so bad […]

How to setup private browsing on any web browser

If you ever have the need to use the private or incognito mode on your web browser then this guide is […]

How To Find Your Wi-Fi Network Password on Windows

You may have connected to a Wi-Fi network on your Windows computer/laptop many moons ago, but you have forgotten what the […]

How to attach an application to the Windows taskbar

Whenever you log into Windows, you may notice that some of your applications appear ‘stuck’ in the Windows Taskbar like […]

How to simply reinstall Windows 10 without the bloatware

For users who feel like their computer is becoming bogged down with all the bloatware and want to have a […]

Where to find Windows Spotlight photos

Windows 10 has brought to us a wealth of new features including Windows Spotlight. Spotlight delivers to users magnificent and […]

How to add a Gmail account to an iPad

For people who want to add their Gmail account onto their iPad, this guide will show you how to do […]

How to add a Gmail account to your Android Mobile Phone

For our fantastic how to guide today we show you how to add your Gmail account onto your android mobile […]

How to convert your PNG images to JPG format

There may be times you need to convert your super sleek and top quality PNG images to JPG format! Whether it […]

How to import a PST file to Outlook in Windows

For users who need to import a mailbox from a data file into their Outlook, then all you need to […]

How to export a mailbox to a PST in Outlook in Windows

There may be instances where you need to export a mailbox from Outlook, for example, if you need to backup […]

How to delete a WhatsApp message you wrongly sent

All hell has broken loose! You’ve gone and sent a message on WhatsApp to the wrong person! We aren’t talking […]

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery Review

Have you accidentally deleted something essential from your Mac computer? Or has your partition decided to go adios and disappear from […]

PDF Link Editor Review

Do you find it entirely cumbersome having to configure hyperlinks in PDF? Imagine you were filling out a major document […]

How to setup a Gmail account on Outlook in Windows

Accessing Gmail on the web browser isn’t bad at all, it has some great features! But if you cannot be […]

How to import Facebook calendar to Google Calendar and Outlook

If you are a popular person like me (my mummy says I’m cool… so it must be true!) who attends […]

NoteBurner iTunes DRM Audio Converter Review

There may be many of us out there who are huge fans of Apple products, particularly iTunes. We just can’t […]

How to get the View Image feature back in Google Image search

In the last few days, Google has performed a very annoying configuration change to how users view images in their […]

Defrag your hard drive securely with Defraggler

If your computer has been running really slowly as of late and you feel like running an application is taking as […]

Send large files securely to another user with Firefox Send

Mozilla Firefox have decided to become more competitive when it comes to file sharing and is testing the waters with […]

Stop your earphones falling out with the Podbudy

If you are an avid athlete in your exercise regime or simply dancing away in your room listening to your […]

Protect your privacy with Mycroft Mark II, the only open source voice assistant

For users who are enthralled by voice assistant technology such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, but a little hesitant to […]

How to get rid of the password prompt every time you open Outlook

If you are a person who opens Outlook every day for work or personal use and are constantly met with […]

Clearer sinuses is one breath away with Avya, The Battery-Powered Steam Inhaler

Are you one of those poor people that suffer from hayfever, sinus, asthma and other breathing related problems? Or perhaps […]

Recharge your mobile phone in no time with the CircleOne Wireless Charging Power Bank

Many of us today rely heavily on our mobile phones, whether it be looking up a delicious restaurant for an […]

How to extract a zip file in Windows

Need to unzip a zip file in Windows? Then follow these simple steps! Navigate to the file location in File […]

Protect your beloved dog on walks with the K-9ite Safety Light belt

For many loving dog owners, there is nothing more important than ensuring your precious pooch is kept safe and sound […]

How to mute web browser tabs in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge and Internet Explorer

You are chugging along with multiple browser windows open and then you hear a pesky noise… is it a bird? […]

Stay bright on your bike with Magnic Microlights

For many cyclists, the roads can be treacherous and making sure you are well lit up and conspicuous to other vehicles […]

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Review

If you are a professional photographer or working in the media realm, then it is an absolute necessity that you […]

Keep toasty warm with the Sustain Sport Heated Scarf

‘Baby it is cold outside’, we normally say (or sing) when Winter befalls us. As you walk through the icy windy […]

Teach kids the wonders of technology with The Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Kids

Are you a parent stressing over how to teach your children the ins and outs of modern day technology? Does […]

Breathe sparkling clean air when out and about with O2F JumperOne – The World’s First Oxygen Filter Jumper

Don’t you absolutely hate it when you are stuck in a tin can for several hours flying to a lavish […]

Brighten up your surroundings with Roo Light

We can always decorate our place with the typical blasé lamps one finds at the local furniture store, however, what is the point in […]

Eassos PartitionGuru Review

What every frequent computer user requires is a highly reliable and strong software that efficiently manages your hard disk partitions […]

Sidify Spotify Music Converter Review

Many people today, whether they be retirees, professionals, students all love playing their favourite music on Spotify. Although isn’t there times […]

TuneFab M4V Converter Review

If you have a number of purchased movies, music videos, documentaries and so forth from iTunes but want to be […]

TuneFab Screen Recorder Review

Have you come across a video or audio that you wanted to take a recording of but you just cannot? […]

TuneFab Apple Music Converter review

So you have some Apple music and want to be able to access it freely without having it governed solely […]

MiniTool ShadowMaker Free Review

In this big scary world we live in, it is imperative that one performs regular backup of their data if […]

AOMEI OneKey Recovery Review

For many users, it is fundamental to have a strategic plan for backing up and restoring their computer in event of system […]

Retrieve lost files with iBoysoft Data Recovery

There are sometimes times in your life when everything isn’t going right… your favourite TV show is cancelled, you didn’t […]

Manage your cloud applications with MultCloud

Nowadays, there are a wealth of cloud applications available at our fingertips. These can include OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon… […]

MiniTool Photo Recovery Review

So the day just was not going for you as you seem to have lost the photos and videos from […]

iBoysoft Drive Manager for Mac Review

Take care of your external storage and network devices when connecting them to your Mac with iBoysoft Drive Manager. If […]

Secure your data with AOMEI Backupper Standard

Aomei Backupper is a reliable and easy software that protects your data by performing differential or incremental backups. This is […]

Uncover your missing data with Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Home

Been the victim of losing very important data? Perhaps it was your mum/dad/inquisitive cat/cookie monster who decide to have a […]

Partition hard drives with ease using Free AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is here to easily assist users with partitioning their hard drives and resolving partitioning issues. The […]

How to Use MigrationWiz

MigrationWiz is an online application created by BitTitan that facilitates the automation of migration from a source service to a […]


How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware

Ransomware attacks have surged in the last few years. Today, ransomware is becoming increasingly sneaky about how it attacks victims. […]

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Healthcare

Big data. Quite possibly the buzzwords of this decade. For the first time in history, our increasingly interconnected world has […]

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Review: Trailblazing

Apple’s engineers don’t like to rest on their laurels. At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference the new iPad Pro 10.5 was […]

Partition Wizard Review

What is Partition Wizard? Partition Wizard is a partition management software made by a company called MiniTool, it is available […]

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone Review

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone is an iOS recovery software that promises to help you recover lost or deleted […]

The New Google Nexus 6P

Photo Credit: TechStage via Compfight cc     Remember when the Apple iPhone first came out in 2007? And that […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

 Photo Credit: DobaKung via Compfight cc Microsoft is set to release its 4th generation of surface series tablets on the 26th of October. It […]

Apple iOS9

   Photo Credit: Warren R.M. Stuart via Compfight cc In June this year apple announced its new mobile operating system iOS 9, which has […]

Microsoft Office 2016

  Microsoft Office 2016 Microsoft is set to release the latest version of its Windows Office software on the 22nd […]

Windows 10 Surges While PC Sales Wane

Photo Credit: StockMonkeys.com via Compfight cc Operating systems and PCs go hand in hand. Whenever you buy a new PC, […]

Microsoft Edge, New to Windows 10

    The release of windows 10 has brought about a new interesting battle in the world of internet browsers. […]

Samsung Releases 16TB SSD

 Photo Credit: _shakib_ via Compfight cc Storage media has always been a hotly contested field, whether it be floppies, optical […]

Quantum Technology Has Boundless Potential But Also Limits

Photo Credit: jurvetson via Compfight cc The advent of computing and the phenomenal increase in computing power we have witnessed […]

Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 10

 Photo Credit: download.net.pl via Compfight cc Windows 10 is finally here! If you’re a Windows user, you’ve probably noticed the […]

Virtualization for the Small Business

Photo Credit: Torkild Retvedt via Compfight cc Virtualization is often a term considered for large enterprise environments, however small businesses can take advantage of […]

Microsoft DID have vision back in the day

Photo Credit: DirkHondong via Compfight cc  Microsoft is one of the most recognisable and infamous companies of the modern era. […]

The Fastest Supercomputer in the World

Photo Credit: univienna via Compfight cc Computers nowadays are fast. Back in the old days of 286/486 you were the […]

Silent Disabling of Windows Updates?

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc   When you purchase brand name personal computers these days, you can pretty […]

The Sonder Keyboard – Customisable Mechanical Keyboard

Photo Credit: TASfaction via Compfight cc Keyboards have come a long way since the days of typewriters. From the early […]

HGST Rolls Out 10TB Helium Hard Drives

Photo Credit: hugovk via Compfight cc Ever wonder how big hard drives can get? Storage capacity limitations have increased in […]

The Blue Screen of Death

Photo Credit: leff via Compfight cc Picture this: you’re sitting down at your desk at home putting the finishing touches […]

AdBlock Plus Wins Again in Court

Photo Credit: JRepin via Compfight cc Pop-up ads in today’s internet age are as ubiquitous as sweaty armpits on a […]

The Surface Pro 3

 Photo Credit: akril via Compfight cc Welcome to the latest in mobile computing power: the third generation of Microsoft’s Surface […]

Introducing the Microsoft HoloLens

The hottest new thing on the tech scene right now is the Microsoft HoloLens. Microsoft clearly wants you to have […]

How to Use Windows Task Manager: Part 2

  Last week we looked at using the Applications and Processes tabs to perform basic troubleshooting in Windows. With the […]

How to Use Windows Task Manager: Part 1

  Windows Task Manager is a great tool you can use to perform a variety of troubleshooting and maintenance tasks […]

How to Pick the Right Wifi Channel

Wifi networks are quite commonplace nowadays, with virtually all modem/routers coming equipped with Wifi capability out of the box. Whether […]

Android Smartphones Being Converted to Windows 10?

Windows 10 is coming to town, and it looks like the battle for smartphone OS supremacy is well and truly […]

Change Your Windows 8 Privacy Settings

  It seems that these days privacy seems to be a big deal with a lot of new platforms. Every […]

Why Can’t My ISP Guarantee My Internet Speeds?

  The speed of data transfer via the internet has dramatically increased since the internet’s inception back in the 1980’s. […]

Future of Entertainment

  The way you go about watching movies and TV shows is about to change with the new streaming giant […]

The Raspberry Pi

  You may have heard of the Raspberry Pi, a series of mini computers the size of a credit card. […]

How to repair a corrupted Master Boot Record in Windows

It is nice when a computer works however sometimes computers don’t like to play nice. Recently I was at a […]

How to Defrag Your Drive in 3 Easy Steps

A lot of people are not aware of this useful and handy tool from Microsoft that allows you to increase […]

How to Avoid Getting the Crypto Locker Virus

How to Avoid Getting the Crypto Locker Virus It was a quiet Friday morning, when I got into the Cloud […]

Top 5 Most Common Passwords

With computers becoming more and more integrated into our lives, the security features that prevent other people from being able […]

Top 5 Things that Microsoft has unveiled about Windows 10

12 Days ago Microsoft unveiled some of the new things to expect from its new operating system Windows 10. Some […]

How Wearable Technology Will Change The Future

It is incredible how fast we have developed in the past 5 years and how many advancements we have made […]

What’s new in Windows 10

Microsoft has recently unveiled the next operating system that is to supersede Windows 8.1 and it is Windows 10. Yes […]

Clonezilla Imaging Tool

Clonezilla: The word clone implies exact replica of something. So basically Clonezilla is a cloning program which is used for […]


How to remove the Ask toolbar from Google Chrome

You have been extremely careful about downloading add-ons and other unnecessary software to your computer, however, you have accidentally fallen […]

Solar Roadways

I am passionate about computers however I am also passionate about new technology that comes to fruition. There are countless […]

WD Black 2 Review

Recently I have been discussing with a friend of mine different SSD drive options to install on my computer. The […]

Intel NUC DN2820FYKH Review

I recently purchased the next generation of desktop computers, the Intel NUC which stands for Intel Next Unit of Computing. […]

MiniTool Photo Recovery

Ever accidentally deleted a precious photo or video from your camera? People delete scores of photo files every day in […]

AOMEI Windows PE Builder

Ever heard of Windows PE? Windows PE (short for Preinstallation Environment) is a stand alone, minimal Windows operating system you […]

Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2: How to play Invoker

Welcome to the first Hero how-to guide in my Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2 series. Today we will cover one […]

Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2: How to Gank Effectively

Welcome to the noob’s guide to ganking in Dota 2. Ganking in Dota 2 refers to the action of leaving […]

Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2: How to Teamfight

  Teamfights are perhaps the most fun, complex, and engaging aspect of Dota 2. They require cooperation, skill and communication, […]

Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2: Team Roles Part 2

  In Dota 2, the five players on each team must fill specific roles in order to push their team […]

Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2: Team Roles Part 1

  In Dota 2, a defining characteristic of the way you play any given Hero in any given game is […]

Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2: Teamwork and Coordination

If you’ve been reading my Beginner’s Guide series like a good little beginner (sorry) you may have noticed my apparent […]

Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2: Last Hitting

  I have already mentioned last hitting and denying briefly in my introduction to the laning phase, however this game […]

Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2: Intro to Laning

Ok, so now you know the basics of positioning and creep aggro, and thus how to position yourself to stay […]

How to change your password in Windows

How to change your password in Windows The use of passwords has been around since ancient times. Sentries would challenge […]

Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2: Basic Positioning

So I introduced a few of my friends to Dota 2 last night, and the experience for them was quite… […]

Google Drones May Be Knocking At Your Door

It is not the first time we have heard of a company attempting to use drones to send packages. Jeff […]

Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2: Heroes and Items

In my previous article, I explained the basic premise of the game, as well as our first fundamental game concept: […]

Windows Shortcuts Part 2

Welcome to my amazing follow up article to the windows keyboard shortcuts. In this article I will unravelling the hidden […]

Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2: Basic Game Concepts Part 1

Having read my previous post on the psychology of Dota 2 for beginners, you’re probably looking for some advice that’s […]

Windows Shortcuts Part 1

Last night I was watching some videos on Rube Goldberg Devices which are devices which perform a series of complicated […]

Uber – The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

I recently was told about an app that was called Uber when looking for a cab late on a Saturday […]

New IPhone 6 Leaked Photo

Apple’s new IPhone 6 has been leaked as images have now hit the internet showing the new apple device in […]

Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2

So you’ve heard about Dota 2 from your friends, colleagues or perhaps on some gaming community website. Maybe you consider […]

The Internet Of Things

  As technology has advanced we are finding ourselves in an interesting era where technology is taking a leap forward […]

Semantic Web: What is Web 3.0 and how will it work?

We currently live in the era of Web 2.0, whereby we are able to edit and change Web pages, post […]

Meet Atlas The Humanoid Robot

Recently, scientists have created an agile, humanoid robot that is not only able to walk like humans, but respond to […]

Search Engine Optimisation – A Beginners Guide

SEO is an interesting concept that has gained a lot of attention over the last few years. Books, seminars, websites […]

5 apps that will make your life easier

There are many apps out there that we can use to waste time, but also many helpful apps that allow […]

Google Analytics –

Google Analytics is one of the most important and under-utilised tools for growing businesses. It is not simply a platform […]


How to erase Google Chrome Browser Sync Data

In Google Chrome, navigate to Google Dashboard. Scroll down to the Chrome Sync section and select ‘Manage Chrome Sync’. In […]

Social Media Marketing: Pros and Cons

  As we become more entwined with technology, business have capitalised on this trend by using social media for publicity […]


How to find the IP address of your printer

Have no idea of your printer’s IP address but want to share it to other computers on your network? Then […]


How to add tasks to an email in Outlook 2013

With the abundance of emails we receive every day, it may be hard to keep ourselves up to date with […]

Step 6

How to use Contact Groups in Outlook 2013

Composing an email to be sent to multiple recipients can be a tedious process, particularly in corporate environments. Whether sending […]


How to configure a To Do list in Gmail

Hopeless at keeping track of everything you have to do? Well Gmail can be mighty helpful as there is an […]


How to use Smart Folders in Windows

For people who use Mac products, there is a very simple process of creating folders which involves dragging and dropping […]

How To Clean Up Your Hard Drive

Have you ever clicked on your my computer and noticed that your Hard drive is almost full or have received […]


Umbrella USB lets you safely charge your device while protecting your data

When you are on the go and your device is running low on battery, you can plug it into a […]

Getting A Start Menu on Windows 8

As an IT Professional I get excited at the news of a new windows OS and much was the case […]


Presenting iStick – the first USB Flash drive for ipod/iphone/ipad

Every person who is familiar with computers have used a USB Flash drive at least once. We use USB Flash […]


How to quickly mark all unread emails as ‘read’ in Gmail

Sick of seeing the massive ‘unread’ email counter in Gmail? Wondering how to make it that all of your emails […]


Google Play brings Game of Thrones exhibition to Sydney

If you are a Game of Thrones fan then get ready…. HBO has just announced the Game of Thrones exhibition […]


How to recover messages deleted on Facebook

Think that clicking on the ‘x’ icon on your facebook messages means they are deleted forever? Not exactly! They are […]


Emulate the Mac OS X volume icon in Windows

Yes yes we all love our Windows operating systems and we shall not dare change over to a Mac! But… […]


How to remove holidays from your Outlook 2013 calendar

Navigate to Calendar in Outlook 2013. Select View tab on the top Under the View tab, select Change View and click […]


How to disable an Outlook 2013 add-in

We have all come across the problem where an add-in on Outlook is not making it function correctly! So… what […]


How to add holidays in your Outlook 2013 calendar

In Outlook 2013, navigate to File. Select Options. In the Outlook Options dialog box, select Calender. Scroll to the ‘Calender […]


How to remove browsing history from Opera

In your Opear browser, navigate to the Opera menu and select History from the drop down list. Select Clear Browsing […]


How to delete browser history from Mozilla Firefox

Navigate to Firefox main menu, select History and then Clear Recent History. Specify the time range you want to clear. […]

Google secrets

Lets face it, Google is here to stay and it is no surprise as there are approximately 5,922,000,000 search results performed […]


How to clear browsing history in Internet Explorer

Navigate to the cog wheel icon and select Internet Options from the drop down menu. The Internet Options dialog box opens in […]

How To Speed Up Your PC Boot Up

There is nothing like getting a brand new PC fresh out of the box, pressing the power button and having […]

DISK2VHD review: Turn Your Physical PC into A Virtual PC

Virtualization is becoming increasingly popular in the IT Industry as many companies are now taking advantage of having multiple virtual […]


How to access emails from your Gmail account offline

Want to be able to view your mail from Gmail on your computer even though you are not connected to […]


How to erase your web history in Google Chrome

Want to hide the websites you have visited from prying eyes? Then follow these quick steps to remove web history […]


Configuring Safe Senders list in Outlook

Getting infuriated when your family and friends emails keep appearing in your spam folder? Want to put a stop to […]

Main Interface of Mirekusoft Monitor 2

Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2 review

We have all had those moments in the past where we have deleted a program from our windows pc only […]


Block TV show spoilers ruining your day with Unspoiler

Sick of the internet ruining plots to your favourite TV shows? Want to be able to hide it from you […]


Popular social networking app saps your iphone battery life

Use a typical iphone? Wondering why your battery life is so poor all the time?? We all hear how shutting […]


How to hide a Windows Drive

Tech users would know that when adding a fixed drive or removable drive to a computer, it is automatically assigned […]


How to setup an iSCSI SAN with Openfiler

A Storage Area Network (SAN) is any high performance network whose primary purpose is to enable a storage device to […]


Microsoft is returning the much loved Start Menu to Windows

Microsoft Windows users rejoice! Microsoft has finally caved in and agreed to bring back the Start Menu to Windows. When […]


Protect documents using docTrackr in Gmail

If you want to make sure that your attachments in Gmail are secure then you can use docTrackr. DocTrackr is […]


Forward a bunch of emails to one recipient easily in Outlook 2013

Need to forward a variety of emails to one person but don’t know the quick way? We show you how […]


How to stream videos from your phone to your Smart TV through WiFi Direct

Got a Smart TV? Got an Android phone? Got Wifi Direct inbuilt on your phone? If yes to all the […]

Suffer from stinky farts? Flatulence underwear is your saviour!

You didn’t read the title wrong. There is such a thing as ‘Flatulence underwear’. Don’t believe me? then check out […]


Advanced SystemCare review

Advanced SystemCare contains an abundance of functions to enhance the capability and overall performance of your PC. Its one-click style […]


How to create an email signature in Outlook 2013

Confused on how to create your signature in Outlook 2013? Then follow these simple steps below!   Select FILE on the […]


How to create a Virtual Machine on VMware ESXI

 To create a virtual machine click file -> New -> Virtual Machine or simply press Ctrl+N. On the Create Virtual Machine […]


Configuring VMware ESXI server

Configuring VMware After rebooting the server you can start configuring the server by pressing F2 as you see in below […]


How to set up auto discover redirection on ForeFront Threat Management Gateway

This is the 10th chapter from the guide How to setup and configure Exchange server 2010 behind Microsoft Forefront Threat Management […]


PetAura – the innovative and smart pet collar

People love to buy technology for themselves or friends/family, but what about for their pets? Of course is the answer! […]

Installing-Vmware-ESX i-Server-Progress-Bar

Installing VMware ESXi Server

In this tutorial, we explain how to install a VMware ESXi Server 5.5. To install VMware ESXi on your computer […]


How to setup Teamviewer on Windows

Teamviewer is a remote support application that can be very useful if you need to access computers from another location. […]


Exchange Server 2010: How To Guide

  Contents This How To Guide explains how to configure Microsoft Exchange for a number of scenarios. How to setup […]


Publishing Exchange with Microsoft ForeFront Threat Management Gateway

This is the 9th chapter from the guide How to setup and configure Exchange server 2010 behind Microsoft Forefront Threat Management […]

DayMate review

DayMate could be considered your legendary mate (in Aussie terms) as it is your reliable and multifaceted daily planner. Always […]


Requesting and installing a certificate on Exchange Server

This is the 8th chapter from the guide How to setup and configure Exchange server 2010 behind Microsoft Forefront Threat Management […]


Configuring mailboxes and mail services on Exchange server

This is the 7th chapter from the guide How to setup and configure Exchange server 2010 behind Microsoft Forefront Threat Management […]


Configuring Accepted Domains on Exchange to host email for different domains

This is the 6th chapter from the guide How to setup and configure Exchange server 2010 behind Microsoft Forefront Threat Management […]

Setting up receive connectors on Exchange

This is the 5th chapter from the guide How to setup and configure Exchange server 2010 behind Microsoft Forefront Threat […]

Creating a send connector on Exchange in order to send emails outside of your organization

This is the fourth chapter from the guide ‘How to setup and configure Exchange server 2010 behind Microsoft Forefront Threat Management […]


How to create a new mailbox database and transfer existing mailboxes on Exchange

This is the 3rd chapter from the guide How to setup and configure Exchange server 2010 behind Microsoft Forefront Threat […]


Installing the Exchange Server 2010

This is the 2nd chapter from the guide How to setup and configure Exchange server 2010 behind Microsoft Forefront Threat […]


Preparing the Active Directory and Domain for installing the Exchange server

This is the first chapter from the guide How to setup and configure Exchange server 2010 behind Microsoft Forefront Threat […]

PureSync review

PureSync is another sync and backup application that has made its way onto the technology market. What separates it from […]


Easily stop Google Chrome tabs from playing sound with MuteTab

Sometimes you have multiple tabs open but unfortunately one of them starts making noise. Maybe it is an advertisement playing […]

Hide Files and Folders from prying eyes on your Android device

If you ever feel a sudden rush of unease when you have accidentally left your android device out or you […]


Torso, the flexible, ultra portable charger for every smart phone user

For all users of smart phones, the one major headache is when your battery gets low and you need to […]


How to Auto Set Daily Bing Background As Your Desktop Wallpaper in Windows

It is sometimes pleasant to use a different search option to the search giant – Google, especially when the alternate […]

All Dock can charge all your electronic devices at once and fast!

For lovers of technology, we usually have a variety of devices from different brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and […]


How to find out your private and public IP address in Windows

For those needing to be in the know about their public and private IP address, just follow these simple steps […]

How to configure Windows to alert you when Caps Lock is on

Ever been focused on the keyboard while typing and not actually looking up to see the words you are typing […]


Ordered a TV from Amazon? Receive a military grade rifle instead!

For most consumers who order items off the internet, you would expect to receive the correct goods within a current […]

Prevent your Facebook friends knowing when you have seen their message using Facebook Chat Pro

For all Facebook conaisseurs, there are features in chat which show when a message has been read and whether a […]

Remotely access your computer through Google Chrome

If you have Google Chrome installed on your computer, you only need to install a Google Chrome extension in order […]

Wipebook – The Erasable Notebook

With the rising popularity of tablets and electronic notebooks, it looks like the old fashioned pen and paper are becoming […]

How to add the Recycle Bin to the Taskbar in Windows 7

Sick of having to navigate to the recycle bin in Windows Explorer? Want easier access to it?  Just follow these […]


How to find which Google Chrome tab is sapping your computer’s memory

You feel like your computer is running slowly and so you decide to check Window’s Task Manager and see if […]

What is that font?

Have you ever been browsing through the web one day and came across a font that looked awesome? You want […]

How to quickly unsubscribe from Linkedin emails

Inundated by Linkedin emails around the clock? Sick of it? Yep, so are we. Instead of unsubscribing from each email […]


Check if your Email IP address is being leaked

Worried your email provider may be leaking your IP address to recipients? Check if this is the case by using […]

Head off from work for Happy Hour easily with this handy virus

Stuck late at work with your boss leering over your shoulder? Friends constantly texting you to hurry up and come […]


Sick of losing your luggage? Introducing the TrakDot Luggage tracker!

Ever been in the situation where you’ve packed all your best clothes for a fantastic trip abroad, however, when you […]


How to change the Autosave feature settings in Microsoft Office

So for the last few hours you have been enthusiastically typing away your fresh ideas onto a word document. You […]

Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl

Ever been consuming noodles or soup all alone with only your phone for company? It can be extraordinarily difficult trying […]

Minitool Power Data Recovery Review

Ever deleted some important files by mistake and then have that horrible sinking feeling you are never going to get […]


How to find the version number of your Device Drivers in Windows

Ever wondered what version you have of particular device drivers? Well this simple tutorial will show you where to find […]

FileHamster review

FileHamster is an application that backs up, archives and versions your documents in real time. If you are working on […]

Print files from your mobile device with ease using Breezy

Do you wish you could print from your mobile devices anywhere at anytime without having to use your computer? Breezy […]


Dell Latitude 6430u ultrabook smells of cat urine

It is always a treat to purchase a brand new fancy laptop just for yourself. The presentation looks sleek, the […]

Aquabotix Hydroview for underwater adventures

Hey look we have found him! We have found Nemo!! No wait…. on closer inspection… its an Ipad Driven Submarine, […]


How to swiftly shut down tabs in your internet browser

Sometimes when I am surfing the internet, I discover that I have opened so many tabs that it is causing […]

Figure 1 Configure Inter V-LAN Routing with ROAS

How to configure Inter-VLAN Routing with ROAS

In this post we are going to show you how you can implement router on a stick. You can use […]


A flexible secure charger for your iphone

Iphones are used by almost half of the worldwide population and are a valuable asset for our day to day […]

Crystal Office Systems – Maple review

Maple is a very pragmatic application for arranging your information (i.e. documents, images, notes) into a  systematized hierarchical structure. Imagine […]

How to use SwiftSearch in Windows

Notice when you search for a file in Windows Explorer it takes ages? Apparently search indexing your PC can be […]

Introducing iKettle – The First Global Wifi Kettle

During those chilly winter months, we are all in a good need of a strong cuppa whether it be tea, […]

EaseUS ToDo Backup 6.0 review

EaseUS ToDo Backup is a backup and disaster recovery application for home and business users. If you are paranoid about […]

Synchredible review

If you are working on a number of important documents and you need to be able to access them at […]


How to set up a VPN connection in Windows

To connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) first navigate to the Network and Sharing Center and select ‘Set up […]

Live File Backup Review

As an avid computer user, we find it imperative to back up our important files on a regular basis in […]

GoodSync Review

GoodSync effectively ‘syncs’ and backs up files through peer-to-peer file syncing solution to multiple computers and cloud based services. After […]

How to export and import Google Chrome bookmarks

Navigate to the Chrome menu in the top right hand corner of your browser and select Bookmarks – Bookmarks Manager […]

ProCryptum review

There are many encryption softwares out there, and one of the latest additions to the technology market is ProCryptum. ProCryptum […]

DiskState review

Do you feel like you are constantly running out of space on your computer? You may have a 3 TB […]


Winlock Review

Winlock is an innovative security application that allows administrators to configure and restrict access to sensitive information on a computer. […]


How to export and import Favourites in Internet Explorer

Export Internet Explorer Favourites In Internet Explorer, Navigate to the Star icon in top right hand corner and click the […]

Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2013 Review

Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2013 is a free application that includes a word processor, spreadsheet program and presentation application.  Considering […]

Enable private browsing mode for Internet Explorer

Navigate and right click the IE shortcut on your computer. From the drop down list, right click Internet Explorer and select Properties. The […]

Enable private browsing mode in Mozilla Firefox

There are two different ways to enable inprivate browsing for Mozilla Firefox.   Method 1 This method is optimal for […]


Hide items from Control Panel using Local Group Policy Editor

In some cases, you may want to permanently or temporarily hide an icon in the Control Panel. This can be […]


How to edit Administrative Template Policy Settings in Windows Server

In Windows Server 2008, Administrative templates are XML-based files with the file extension .admx that contain group policies. In order […]


Turn on Private Browsing in Google Chrome

Enabling private browsing is good for computer user’s who want to protect their personal documents and have a more secure […]


How to assign Software Packages to users in Group Policy Management Editor

This article explains how to assign a software package to users through Group Policy Management Editor. For our example, we […]


How to Apply Password Settings Objects (PSOs) to User Accounts

Continuing on from last weeks article –  ‘How to create a PSO in a Domain’, we delve into applying a […]


Windows 2008 Server: How To Guide

Contents                 Configuring and Modifying Domains and Forests: 1. How to Create a […]


How to create a Password Setting Object (PSO) within a Domain

In previous Windows Server versions, single password policies could only be applied to all users in a domain. In Windows […]


How to configure account lockout policy for a domain on Windows Server

Prequisite: Only users that are Domain Admins or Enterprise Admins, or equivalent, are able to configure password policy on a Domain. […]


How to configure password policy for a domain on Windows Server

It may be required to amend the password policy for your domain to match the business requirements of your organization. […]


How to add ‘Defragment’ to the Context Menu for a Drive

Navigate to Start, type regedit in the search box and press enter. Scroll down to the following key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\shell Right click shell and select New […]

AOMEI MultCloud review

Having your data available to you at any place and any time has ultimately led to the surge of Cloud […]


How to check who has logged onto your PC for Windows 7 (Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise only)

If your computer is regularly accessed by members of your family or work colleagues, have you ever been curious to […]


Enable the (Hidden) Administrator Account in Windows 7 and Vista

The built-in Administrator account is not enabled by default in Windows 7 and Vista. To enable the Administrator account, you […]


Display My Computer icon on Desktop in Windows 7

Displaying the ‘My Computer’ icon on your Desktop in Windows 7 can be accomplished in two ways. Option A: Navigate […]


Configuring Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) – Part 1

This article explores how to Configure Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) on Windows Server.   Configuring IIS Web Services […]


How to decrease the size of or disable System Restore in Windows 7

If you want to free up hard drive space on your computer, you can either decrease the size or disable […]


How to lock your PC if someone is trying to guess your password

There are two ways you can lock someone out of your PC, through Local Security Policy or Command Prompt. Local […]


Pin an external drive to the Windows 7 taskbar

If you have an external drive regularly connected to your computer and want to be able to freely access it […]


How to Delete a System File in Windows 7 or Vista via Command Prompt

Have you ever tried to remove or overwrite a System File in Windows 7 or Vista Windows System Files but […]


Managing your Windows Explorer Favourites in Windows 7

This How-To Guide explains how to add or remove folders from your Favourites in Windows Explorer.   Procedure: By default, […]


Creating a System Image in Windows 7

A System Image is an exact copy of everything that is on your hard drive (at that point in time) […]


How to remove a VHD in Windows 7

This How-To-Guide is intended for users who no longer require a VHD in Windows 7.   Procedure: Navigate to Start, type diskmgmt.msc in the […]


Change the default save folder for Windows 7 libraries to another folder

Do you notice that when you save a new document in a program such as Open Office (for example) it […]


View wireless network password from a computer that is already connected

This how to guide is for people who have forgotten their wireless network password but already have a computer connected […]


Overwrite free space in Windows 7/8 securely

It is a common misconception that if you delete files from your recycling bin, it is lost forever. In fact, […]

AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper Review

AOMEI has developed Backupper which is a free professional software to perform backup and recovery operations. It has an easy […]


Configure root hints on a DNS Server

Navigate to Start – Administrative Tools – DNS. Right click the relevant DNS server and select Properties from the drop down list. […]


How to cancel or remove a stuck print job in Windows 7 or Vista

Most of the time when you print, everything works smoothly. But there are those moments when the print job gets […]


How to enable the ‘Open with Notepad’ option in the Context Menu for All Files in Windows 7 and Vista

This method is for users who want to have the option of quickly opening unknown file types in Notepad. Procedure: […]


How to add the Recycle Bin to the Start Menu in Windows 7

You have probably noticed that you cannot simply select Start and type Recycle Bin in the search bar to access […]

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition 5.2 Review

When it comes to modifying various drives such as resizing partitions or formatting disks on a computer, most computer users […]


How to configure a GPO in Group Policy Management – Part 2

This Guide provides a couple of further instructions on configuring GPO’s in Group Policy Management. It is a continuation from […]


Limit user access to particular programs on Windows 7 (Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise only)

If your computer is shared or available for public use, it may be beneficial to allow users limited access to […]


How to Configure a GPO in Group Policy Management

This guide explains how to edit a new GPO in various ways through Group Policy Management. It is a continuation […]


Encrypt Portable Flash Drives via Bitlocker To Go in Windows 7 (Ultimate and Enterprise only)

Bitlocker, which was first introduced in Windows Vista, is designed to encrypt hard drive contents. This feature is excellent if […]


Configure HomeGroup feature in Windows 7

The HomeGroup feature allows users to set up and manage home networks. Users are able to share files, folders, music, […]


How to create a user account in Windows Server

Active Directory consists of Organizational Units such as User Accounts, Group Accounts and Computer Accounts. User Accounts are known as physical […]


How to assign a USB a static drive letter in Windows 7

Procedure: Navigate to Start and type diskmgmt.msc in the search bar. Press Enter. Disk Management opens. You should find your Drives […]


How to delete System Files or a System Folder in Windows 7 using the Windows Interface

Windows System Files in Windows 7 are owned by Trusted Installer which ultimately prevents users from removing or modifying them. […]


Configuring Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS)

Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) allows the user to generate protection of information solutions and apply these solutions […]

Add ‘My Computer’ Folder to Windows 7 task bar

For simple access to your My Computer folder (or any preferred folder), perform the following steps: Right click on the […]


Configure aging and scavenging of a DNS Server

Resource records that are either outdated or decayed from DNS zone data are removed through the use of the Server […]

Configure NTFS File settings in Folder

On a file server, you are able to configure two types of permissions of a folder: 1. Share permissions 2. […]

Configuring APIPA for IPv4 in Windows 7

If a user does not have a DHCP server they are unable to connect to the internet via Local Area […]


Importing and Exporting Active Directory Data

There are two ways to import and export Active Directory data: 1. LDIFDE: Data is exported from the AD object […]


Installing Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)

Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) uses sign-on (SS) technology which entitles users to access applications in a separate network […]


How to create a Virtual Hard Drive in Windows 7

This How-To guide is intended for users who wants to create  a virtual hard drive (VHD) in Windows 7. Procedure: […]


Amend the number of recent items shown in Windows 7 and Vista

The default number for recent items listed is 10, but this can be amended from 0 to 30 if you […]


Power down to safely remove USB devices from Windows 7

Sometimes notice that after you have ‘safely removed USB’ from your computer it is still flashing? Although the USB device […]


Turn on Checkboxes for Files in Explorer in Windows 7

Find it difficult if you need to highlight multiple files at once via Ctrl + Shift and then stuffing it […]


How To Change Your Computer Name in Windows 7 and Vista

Navigate to Start, type sysdm.cpl and press enter. The System Properties dialog box opens. Click on the Change button. Replace the text under Computer Name with […]


How To Prevent Users from Accessing the Registry in Windows 7

If your computer is used by other family members or the public who aren’t technology savvy, then preventing them from […]


DNS in Windows Server 2008

The Domain Naming System (DNS) resolves host names for computer IP address queries, and vice-versa through the use of one […]


How to set up a DLNA server on your home network

In June 2003, Sony established the not for profit trade organization named the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) which formulated guidelines to […]

Netflix makes ‘Wifi only’ playback option available for Android users to curb data usage

Some people do not realise how much data usage they consume when browsing on the internet and streaming videos. At […]


How to create and link a GPO to a domain

This guide explores the two ways of creating and linking a GPO to a domain. Prerequisite: Only members in the […]


How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7

If you are experiencing problems with Internet Explorer 9, such as crashing or lagging, it is recommended to roll back […]

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How to install a root certificate authority

For most businesses, employee participation within a network requires authentication, encryption and digital signatures to ensure security is not compromised. […]

EaseUS ToDo Backup 5.0 Review

In a nutshell, EaseUS ToDo backup is a program that essential performs file-image and system-image based backups. This review explores […]

Increase IRPStackSize 1

5 ways to improve download speed

Envision a scenario where you are stuck in a major traffic jam and becoming increasingly disgruntled about your predicament. The […]


How to Create Trust Relationships

For businesses with a number of domains it is essential to have relationships of trust. Trust relationships allow users in […]


How to use System Restore in Windows 7

Ever had a computer start behaving slowly or irrationality after editing the registry or perhaps installing a new program? Most […]


Adding a Read Only Domain Controller

A Read-only domain controller (RODC) is a new type of domain controller that was introduced in Windows Server 2008. A […]

Free Download Manager Review

Picture this scenario: You want to download a movie, song, game or other piece of software quickly and easily with […]

EaseUS ToDo Backup 4.5 Review

The EaseUS ToDo Backup is a free data backup and system disaster recovery application that can be used for home […]

Abiword Review: A Great Multiplatform Word Processing App

What better way to complete a review of a word processor than to use it to write its own review? Abiword […]

How to Raise the Domain and Forest Functional Level in Windows Server 2008

For every updated version of Windows Server, there are some new features incorporated in Active Directory that can only be […]

How to Remove a Domain Controller from a Domain

In some instances, you may want to remove a domain controller (DC) from your domain because it is malfunctioning or […]

Grand Perspective Logo

How To Free Up Drive Space on your Mac with GrandPerspective

Have you ever wondered where all your drive space has gone? I know I have. No matter how much space […]

tinySpell Review: A Great Spellchecker for Windows

Have you ever wanted to spell-check some text but didn’t want to have to open Microsoft Word? tinySpell has your […]

How To Add a Client to a Domain

This guide is recommended for businesses who only want to add a single client to a domain. If you want […]

How to Create a New Domain in Windows Server 2008

Before creating a domain, it is imperative that you plan the number of forests required to ensure that your business […]

How to take Screenshots in Windows with Jing

There are many different ways of taking screenshots in Window, but today I’m going to review the app that I […]

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