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Block TV show spoilers ruining your day with Unspoiler

Sick of the internet ruining plots to your favourite TV shows? Want to be able to hide it from you while internet roaming without worrying about it? Along comes Unspoiler to help us out. Another application available on Google Chrome. You type in words you don’t want to see and the app instead changes it to “Warning – Spoiler alert”. Let’s give it a go!

Download and install Unspoiler from the Google Chrome app store.


In a new Google Chrome tab, type Unspoil and press the Tab key. The Unspoiler app is activated. We type in ‘Game of Thrones’. Press Enter.


Unspoiler has now saved this option.


Time to test out the Unspoiler app! Off we go to somewhere like Buzzfeed which has lots of articles on Game of Thrones… Any title associated with Game of Thrones comes up with a ‘Warning’ message in place of the post.


The Unspoiler alert provides us two options – Show Spoiler or Save Spoiler. We decide to Save Spoiler because we haven’t seen the latest episode! We want to be pleasantly surprised in our own time.


We can check out the saved spoiler at the relevant unspoiler link.


Select the relevant Tag. In our case, Game of Thrones.


Our saved spoiler is now listed.



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