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Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2: How to play Invoker

Welcome to the first Hero how-to guide in my Beginner’s Guide to Dota 2 series. Today we will cover one of the most iconic and popular Heroes in Dota 2: the mighty Invoker. Invoker ranks with Pudge as arguably the most popular Hero for players to pick in a pub game, the reason for this being that you can show off your impressive Pudge or Invoker skills and win bragging rights. There is nothing more satisfying or publicly impressive as pulling off a fancy Hook or a perfect Tornado / EMP / Chaos Meteor / Deafening Blast combo and wipe the entire enemy team. Before you can do this however, you will need to master the basics and practice, practice, practice….

Invoker is a unique Hero in Dota 2, in that his four key-mapped abilities do not directly correspond to active or passive skills. For other Heroes, the keys Q, W and E activate (when applicable ie. an active skill) the Hero’s basic abilities, and R activates (again when applicable) the Hero’s ultimate ability. For Invoker, Q (for Quas), W (for Wex) and E (for Exort) change the three orbs that float around him. Depending on which three orbs he has currently, pressing R “invokes” a particular skill. The order in which the orbs are summoned does not matter. This makes Invoker the most versatile caster in Dota 2: he has access to a total of 10 skills, as compared to a maximum of four for all other Heroes in Dota 2. Invoker can have two spells invoked at the same time, the older invoked spell being removed once a third spell is invoked.

Without further ado, here are all the spells of the mighty Invoker:

QQQ – Cold Snap. Invoker draws the heat from an enemy, chilling them to their very core for a duration based on Quas. Further damage taken in this state will freeze the enemy again, dealing bonus damage. The enemy can only be frozen so often, but the freeze cooldown decreases based on the level of Quas.

QQW – Ghost Walk. Invoker manipulates the ice and electrical energies around him, rendering his body invisible. The elemental imbalance created as a consequence slows nearby enemies based on the level of Quas, and slows Invoker as well based on the level of Wex.

QQE – Ice Wall. Generates a wall of solid ice directly in front of Invoker for a duration based on the level of Quas. The bitter cold emanating from it greatly slows nearby enemies based on the level of Quas and deals damage each second based on the level of Exort.

WWW – EMP. Invoker builds up a charge of electromagnetic energy at a targeted location which automatically detonates after a duration of 2.9 seconds. The detonation covers an area, draining mana based on the level of Wex. Deals damage for each point of mana drained.

QWW – Tornado. Unleashes a fast moving tornado that picks up enemy units in its path, suspending them helplessly in the air shortly before allowing them to plummet to their doom. Travels further based on the level of Wex. Holds enemies in the air for a duration based on the level of Quas. Deals damage based on the level ofWex.

WWE – Alacrity. Invoker infuses an ally with an immense surge of energy, increasing their attack speed based on the level of Wex and their damage based on the level ofExort.

EEE – Sun Strike. Sends a catastrophic ray of fierce energy from the sun at any targeted location, incinerating all enemies standing beneath it once it reaches the earth. Deals damage based on the level of Exort, however this damage is spread evenly over all enemies hit.

QEE – Forge Spirit. Invoker forges a spirit embodying the strength of fire and fortitude of ice. Damage, health, and armor are based on the level of Exort while attack range, mana, and duration are based on the level ofQuas. The elemental’s scorching attack is capable of melting the armor of enemy heroes. If both Quas andExort are level 4 or higher, Invoker will create two spirits instead of one.

WEE – Chaos Meteor. Invoker pulls a flaming meteor from space onto the targeted location. Upon landing, the meteor rolls forward, constantly dealing damage based on the level of Exort, and rolling further based on the level ofWex. Units hit by the meteor will also be set on fire for a short time, receiving additional damage based on the level of Exort.

QWE – Deafening Blast. Invoker unleashes a mighty sonic wave in front of him, dealing damage to any enemy unit it collides based on the level of Exort. The sheer impact from the blast is enough to knock those enemy units back for a duration based on the level of Quas, then disarm their attacks for a duration based on the level of Wex.

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