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Aquabotix Hydroview for underwater adventures

Hey look we have found him! We have found Nemo!! No wait…. on closer inspection… its an Ipad Driven Submarine, called a HydroView, reminiscent of the one you saw in Titanic (1996). But, of course, far smaller and with a sleek orange exterior. These fancy little contraptions are designed for people who want to; safely check out underwater relics, recover lost possessions, seek out dive locations, harness better underwater photography equipment or simply an entertaining way of viewing underwater life.

The Hydroview is controlled via Local Area Network (LAN) or WiFi connection to an iPad, iPhone, Android phone or Laptop. If the hard wire is connected directly to the Ipad, you can expect transfer data speed of up to 100mbs! The user maneuvers the Hydroview through the water where the machine video tapes and photographs and sends the digital media through to the Ipad. The camera quality is quite impressive as it captures 1080 high-definition video. If you want to go a reasonable depth below the surface that is sorted as the aquabox is capable of swimming to depths of 150feet!

What about those people who are heading to Australia or a tropical island but fearing being attacked by sea creatures that matches the ferocity of Jaws? You needn’t worry as the orange submarine is relatively small measuring at 14.6 x 19 x 7 inches and weighing 9 pounds which means it does not take up much luggage space and you can safely remain on dry land carefree.


No chance of this happening to you, if you use Hydroview!

It also comes equipped with LED headlights which is excellent for night conditions and on-board instruments to measure water conditions. The battery lasts about 2-3 hours per each recharge, but can be configured to run on 12V to ensure the vehicle runs continuously.

If you think the Hydroview would not be able to catch up with a clown fish or other marine life that catches your eye, think again. It can move up to 5 knots forward and 1 knot backwards so those underwater wildlife can’t escape you that easily!

Although the Hydroview is quite expensive with the cheapest version at a whopping US$5500 (not including the Android or apple product required to operate it), it is a preferable photography device compared to other rugged photography options available on the market at present. If you want particular sensors such as Orientation, Depth or Temperature then you need to pay extra.

Therefore, if you are keen on a snazzy cool new gadget to impress your mates, have a psychopathic fear of water or have a curiosity for what the view is like up to 150feet for the surface, then Hydroview is for you!


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