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Apple iOS9


 Photo Credit: Warren R.M. Stuart via Compfight cc

In June this year apple announced its new mobile operating system iOS 9, which has been developed as the successor to iOS8. It has recently been released on the 16th of September and focuses on a variety of improvements in efficiency related to battery life and processing optimizations. This means that it does however focus less on new features and more on improving the operating system.

Many of the standard applications on iOS received enhancements with the update to iOS9. Apple maps added support for a variety of cities around the world in regards to transit. Whilst it can now make points of interest around cities come up as a recommendation.

Multitasking has been improved though the use of various productivity options such as Picture in Picture, Split View and Slide Over. These options allow the user to add in a second app onto the screen either with a small window or even a split view with both apps taking up 50% of the screen. These multitasking features are only available on specific iPad models to begin with.

Apple has made a promise that all data it has accessed from your phone will stay there and this may important to the new Proactive feature developed to rival its competitor in Google Now. Proactive is a feature that will scan your phone for information and to provide its user with useful information such as current news storied based on your location and the time of day, sports information and weather reports. It can even provide this information before it is needed for things such as trip alerts and delivery information.

Apple has produced a new application that will now display news directly from various popular sources such a CNN and ESPN. This brings together numerous sources and can be compared to the popular application Flipboard. It is intended to replace the current Newstand application.

Perhaps the most exciting enhancement of iOS 9 is the promise of improved battery life through greater efficiencies in its operating system. Apple claims up to an additional hour usage and a new feature called Low Power Mode may allow up to an additional three hours. However early reports do show that this claim may not be accurate.

Finally iOS 9 is drastically smaller than iOS 8 at only 1.4GB as opposed to a previous 4.58GB. This may be a bonus for those with a small storage size within their device.

iOS9 looks to be a great improvement to its mobile operating system and has become a recommended update. Caution is provided for those that may have any applications that are yet to be supported by the update. Whilst the update does not provide any fascinating new features it does provide many efficiency improvements.

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