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AOMEI MultCloud review

Review of: MultCloud
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AOMEI Technology

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On July 10, 2013
Last modified:July 18, 2013


MultCloud is an easy to use and systematic product that entitles the user to manage their multiple Cloud Drives in one centralized location

Having your data available to you at any place and any time has ultimately led to the surge of Cloud Services (i.e DropBox, Google Drive, Skydrive, Amazon S3). The issue with most Cloud Services is that they only provide a few GB of free space initially and then you would have to pay for more space. This has resulted in the utilisation of multiple Cloud Services for the one user. Although this can save money, it does not necessarily save time as the user would have to manage their files for each Cloud Service separately. The software market has been inundated with Cloud Management tools, one of the recent additions is MultCloud by Aomei Technology.


MultCloud has a relatively easy to use interface with its top left sided menu layout which makes it akin to other office products. The process to add a Cloud Drive is very straight forward by merely clicking the ‘Add Cloud Drive’ button in the left hand pane, entering in a Display Name and selecting ‘Add Box Account’. For our example, we choose to add a Dropbox drive.


Click ‘Allow’ to add the Dropbox drive to MultCloud.


The Dropbox drive is now listed and the files freely accessible on MultCloud.




MultCloud’s core features are as follows:

* Supports the following Cloud Drives: DropBox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, Box, SugarSync and Amazon S3.

* The space collected from each Cloud Drive is compiled together in MultCloud.

* Files can be edited online through Google Docs

* File Sharing with peers

* Ability to search for files across Cloud Drives.

Manage multiple accounts with same Cloud Drive

A highly notable  feature is that if you have more than one account with the same Cloud Drive (for example, you have 3 user accounts in Google Drive), you can still manage them all with MultCloud as shown below.


Transfer files directly across Cloud Drives

Transfering files across Cloud Drives directly is a definite bonus with MultCloud as this is not found in many other Cloud Management products. In most cases, users would have to download the files to their computer from one Cloud Drive then upload it to to the other Cloud Drive. This process is able to be done through a few quick clicks of a button. For example, if we wanted to copy a folder (such as Administrative) from a  user’s Google Drive to SkyDrive, we would perform the following:

Right click Administrative Folder and select ‘Copy’


Navigate to Sky Drive and the location you want to paste the folder. Right click the pane and select ‘Paste’.


A copy of the Administrative Folder (and its contents) are now located in the SkyDrive.


Free for private and commercial use

Another bonus with this product is that Aomei has made it free for all users. There is no requirement to purchase MultCloud in order to acquire its entire range of features.


MultCloud is a free, simple to use and practical Cloud Service management software. It comes equipped with some excellent features, particularly, the ability to manage multiple accounts on the same Cloud Drive and transferring files directly across Cloud Drives.


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