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All Dock can charge all your electronic devices at once and fast!

For lovers of technology, we usually have a variety of devices from different brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and so forth. One of the main nightmares with devices these days is the terrible battery life. Back in the old days devices used to last hours and hours… sometimes even all day! Nowadays the strength of batteries seem to have diminished and we can be lucky if our device can last 12 hours at best. Furthermore, locating your charger for the specific device can be infuriating! We sure that many people would love a product that is simple, centrally located and with the capacity to charge all our products at the same time. Seem like an unattainable dream? Think again. The ‘All Dock’ that is currently raising funds to manufacture this product on Kickstarter at the moment is looking like our beacon of hope!

All Dock is a docking station that can charge up multiple devices at once (including Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, HTC, Nokia, Kindle, Sony Ericsson, Nexus etc) and at a very fast rate. According to the developers, All Dock is configured to provide 2400mA per USB exit. This means your smart phone can be charged up to 80% in less than 1 hour!! Now that is handy. Who has time to wait around all day? Furthermore, All Dock acts as a prop which allows you to continue using your gadget easily (for example, reading a recipe in the kitchen or streaming a video from Youtube) even while it is charging.


All Dock is not just a charger. It can prop up your devices to make it easy to view!

To use the device, simply plug in your connector (it is compatible with most standard connectors such as Lightning, micro-USB, 30pin) to the 4x or 6x USB hub. Thread the cable through the top of the All Dock and then plug your electronic item into it. Voila!


Did we mention that the All Dock will be available in 3 different colours as well? Sleek!


As of 15 January 2014, All Dock has received almost $55,000 in pledges (they requested only $40,000). They have 16 days to go before the project funding is finalised. If you are interested in being one of the first to acquire this item, then definitely put down a pledge! Or wait for it to be available for online ordering at a later date.

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