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Advanced SystemCare review

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On March 26, 2014
Last modified:April 1, 2014


Advanced SystemCare is a straight forward and easy to understand PC optimizer application. It can be utilised by any level of computer user. The variety of excellent features makes this program a worthwhile option.

Advanced SystemCare contains an abundance of functions to enhance the capability and overall performance of your PC. Its one-click style approach makes it an inviting application for all levels of computer users, particularly novices who want something easy to use and understand. Advanced SystemCare is currently compatible with Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7/8. Let us test out Advanced SystemCare.


Basic features of Advanced SystemCare:


  • Basic Protection from Security Threats
  • Basic System Optimization
  • Maximum Hard Drive Performance
  • Autoclean for privacy security whenever you log on
  • Block Malicious Attempts to Access your Personal Data


Newly added features with v 7.2.1:


  • Game Assistant – Quickly launches your PC games and featured online games.
  • Economy Mode – Save your laptop power while still turbo boost your PC performance
  • IObit Uninstaller – Uninstall stubborn toolbars more powerfully
  • IObit Uninstaller – Simplified the uninstalling process by adding automatic uninstall and powerful scan option
  • Latest Browsers – Homepage Protection, Surfing Protection & Internet Booster supports Firefox 27, Chrome 32 now
  • Homepage Protection – Improved to be more user-friendly by adding more details.
  • Active Optimize – Improved Active Optimize algorithm for more stable and efficient optimization (Pro Only).
  • Privacy Sweep – Added support for Chrome 32, Firefox 27,IE 11,Opera 19,ZoneAlarm Free 12.0, Adobe Flash Player12.0,TeamViewer 9.0,Adobe Air 4.0,WinPatrol 30 and eMule.
  • Expanded Database – Updated and Enhanced Database for Malware Removal, Privacy Sweep, and Surfing Protection.
  • Registry Fix – Improved the scan and removal ability and fixed bugs.
  • Junk Files Clean – Improved the scanning engine to be much quicker.
  • Latest Languages – Updated Multiple Languages to the latest for better user experience.
  • User Interface – Minor UI improvements.
  • Minor Improvements – Fixed General Bugs.



When we first open Advanced SystemCare, we are launched straight onto the home screen. There are 4 tabs up the top (Care, ToolBox, Turbo Boost, Action Center) that you can navigate to and check out what they have to offer.  In the Care tab, the Health of your PC is shown on the right hand side in the form of a coloured smiley face. The orange one we have in our picture reflects that we haven’t scanned our system as of yet! Let’s give it a try then.



The options already ticked mean that they come as part of the features in Advanced SystemCare Free version. The others that remain unticked requires an upgrade to Advanced SystemCare Pro or Ultimate. Click Scan to put ASC at work!


Advanced SystemCare starts scanning all your files and folders for malware, registry errors etc. You can choose to skip or stop a particular scan if you prefer. While the scan is being undertaken you can also tick the checkboxes that makes Advanced SystemCare automatically repair any errors it finds and/or shut down the PC when the scan is complete. All in all, the whole scan took about 5 minutes at most! Very Quick!


When the scan is complete, you are presented with a Summary page that consists of the problems found (we have alot it appears) and the severity of these problems averaged according to Security, Performance and Stability of our PC. Before we opt to fix anything, we would like to check out further details about what files were found that looked a bit dodgy. So let’s click on one of the options.


In the Junk Files section, we are presented with a list of all the junk files found! Excellent. Just the details we were looking for. If everything looks legit, you can select ‘Repair’ which fixes this section only.


Or, you can simply click back to the Summary section and select ‘Repair’ to resolve errors in all sections.


When everything is complete, the orange circles are replaced with blue ticks. Ah doesn’t that look refreshing! We click Finish to return to the home screen.



You didn’t think that scanning was the only feature that came with Advanced SystemCare? Nope. There is more. Under the ToolBox tab, we find a morevariety of features we can configure to optimize our PC even further (i.e. Iobit Uninstaller, File Shredder, Auto Shutdown). Some features are listed as ‘Pro’ which means we would need to upgrade in order to acquire these options. But that doesn’t matter considering most of the features are available free for use!


We decide to test out one of the latest settings, and select Driver Booster.


The Driver Booster, when opened, already starts scanning all our drivers. Well that is nice. Less work for us!


Our results again look a bit worrying. The performance being labelled as ‘Worst’ for 14 of the drivers scanned. Uh oh! But never fear, we can simply click ‘Update All’.


Now our drivers are all up to date! Maximum efficiency!!


Advanced SystemCare general version is free for personal use. If you want to upgrade to Advanced SystemCare Pro it costs $19.99 a year and can be registered on 3 PCs. Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is slightly higher at $29.99 a year (also with 3 PCs). The Pro and Ultimate version comes packed with a wider arrange of features. If you are happy with the performance of Advanced SystemCare, then perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade to a more advanced version. The price tag isn’t going to weigh on the budget too much!


There is a Support section on Iobit’s website that user’s can freely navigate. The Forum’s can be of great assistance if you are unable to find a topic that covers the issue you are experiencing with Advanced SystemCare. It is also possible to email your query or issue directly to Iobit using the contact form on their website. Although, if you upgrade to the Advanced SystemCare Pro or Ultimate versions, you will be entitled to free round the clock phone technical assistance!

Final Thoughts

We found Advanced SystemCare insanely easy to use in all aspects. Need to scan your PC? One click and away you go! Need to shred some files permanently? Then the step by step guide in File Shredder (which takes 2 mins at most) is all the configuration that is required. This software may be free but it is packed with so many features which make it highly beneficial. Furthermore, if you are impressed with the product then you may as well upgrade to a paying version to be able to experience the full array of features! We are glad that Advanced SystemCare does not constantly bombard you with pop ups asking you to ‘activate’ or ‘purchase’  unlike some other applications.We noticed an enhanced and overall better performance by our PCs after we set the software to task. Highly recommended!


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