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Our Background

Since our beginnings in 2008, we have grown into a major provider of IT support and other IT services to businesses across Australia. Some of our clients are multinational corporations, some are small consultancies, while others are mid-tier industrial clients. Unlike other Managed Service Providers (MSPs), we do not ask our clients to sign lock-in contracts, and have retained and grown our clientele through the provision of outstanding service as well as consistent and diverse technical ability.

We know that IT is essential to modern business, and when things go wrong productivity can grind to a halt. Our service desk, located in the heart of Sydney, is well-resourced such that you never need to wait to speak with a technician. Furthermore, along with our own full-time staff, we have partner agreements nationwide allowing us to deliver superior onsite response to all of our clients across the country – including in regional areas. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) provide for guaranteed remote response within as little as 10 minutes, and guaranteed onsite response as fast as 1 hour.

We provide enterprise-grade IT support with a strong focus on quality, efficiency, and outcomes.

Fast response is only one piece of the puzzle; it is also essential to us that our staff are well-trained, have strong experience, and a clear escalation path when they need to seek further internal assistance. We have high minimum standards for technicians who join our team and we provide them with ongoing learning opportunities, allowing them to further their skill-set. Our service desk is an open-plan layout and there are multiple senior engineers available to assist, meaning that our support engineers have easy access to expertise should they need it.

We utilise an industry best-practice platform for managing all support tasks and projects, called Connectwise. This allows our support team to track issues efficiently and effectively, and ensure that our service delivery management team is able to maintain an overview of all of our clients with a view to seeing that SLAs are met any recurring issues are comprehensively addressed.

The diverse range of expertise within our organisation means that we are well-positioned to support and implement a wide range of different solutions for different situations. We are effectively solution agnostic, and recognise that IT is not a one-size-fits-all industry. We will scope out the right solution for your situation and budget, and will explain it all to you in clear and concise language, jargon-free, and with a view to meeting your future growth needs.

When it comes to project management and implementation, we take a very serious approach to managing the impact that this can have on your business. Our project managers will follow best practices in consultation, staging, and managing change throughout the lifecycle of any implementation. We ensure that a clear project plan is in place prior to work commencing, and that all key stakeholders are aware of the plan and have input where necessary. Throughout implementation, our project managers will keep tabs on deadlines, keep stakeholders informed, and ensure that the right resources are in place through to completion.

Enterprise-grade IT Support without the premium price tag

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Services Overview

Business IT Support

Cloud BT provides efficient, fast, and friendly IT support for desktops, servers, networking devices and applications. If you depend on your IT infrastructure for your business, it is important to ensure that your IT support provider is responsive and effective.

Cloud Services

A cloud solution is essentially the delivery of computing and storage capacity as a service, rather than utilising your own fixed infrastructure. Cloud Services essentially allow you to increase capacity or add capabilities to your business without requiring new infrastructure, training new employees, or licensing new software.

IT Consulting

Cloud Business Technology provides a large number of small to medium sized business clients in the Sydney CBD and wider metropolitan area with IT consulting services on an ongoing basis. It takes a breadth of knowledge and expertise to make the correct infrastructure decisions.

IT Outsourcing

As a business owner, you may have occasionally considered the benefits of outsourcing your IT support department but were unsure of which IT company to choose to meet your needs. CloudBT provides IT outsourcing to many small and medium business in Sydney as we know that a smoothly functioning IT network is a fundamental component for aspiring businesses in today's world.

Data Recovery

Data recovery continues to be a highly sought-after service despite the increase in overall quality of hard drives. Thankfully we have well-developed technical expertise when it comes to data recovery, with access to a clean-room when required.


The latest and greatest way to improve infrastructure for the office is to take things virtual. Virtual offices are popular because they are an efficient, simple way to do business.

Remote Support

In most cases, our IT specialist team are able to deal with computer problems remotely without 'physically' changing any hardware on your PC. Resolving computer issues such as viruses, malware, and even hard drive failure from a remote location by our IT Specialists minimises computer repair time and allows you to get back to your day to day tasks sooner.

Office Relocations

We can provide assistance with relocating your office IT equipment.

Business Continuity Planning

Most businesses rely on smoothly operating IT infrastructure. However, there is always potential for minor or indeed major disasters to occur. A fire in your server room, for example, could have enormous consequences to your business if you do not have the proper systems in place to ensure redundancy of your data.

Small Business Computer Support

Cloud BT provides small businesses with computer support across Sydney, with our highly capable Microsoft certified technicians ready to help you with your small business server or workstation computer problems.

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