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A flexible secure charger for your iphone

Iphones are used by almost half of the worldwide population and are a valuable asset for our day to day lives. Iphones embody a very sleek smooth stylish presentation much to the content of the avid user. However, one cannot help but feel the manufacturers of apple products seemed to have lost their imagination when it comes to the charger. Common complaints about the iphone charger are that they are way too short, wear and tear quite easily therefore users have to shell out for a new one and they don’t exactly give off that desired ‘hip’ look. They look like the iphone is having a bad hair day with a horrible white dangly cord hanging out and connected to the wall. The developers at Photojojo have delivered an effective tool called the, Une Bobine, to combat the inadequacy of the current iphone charger.


Une Bobine acts the same as a regular iphone charger but with the added bonus of having a 2 foot long fortified and strengthened malleable cord. The charging cable is actually confined within a metal flexible gooseneck so that it can be used as a reliable docking station or tripod. Furthermore, the cord can be reshaped and remain firm even if the charger is plugged in at both ends or only at one end. For example, if you are using your iphone as a GPS in your car, you can manipulate the Une Bobine into the right position so you can easily read and follow the directions instead of having to hold the phone in your hand (which is quite dangerous anyway!).

Une_Bobine_Car                                                                                                      Photo by Fuse Chicken

What about for lonesome tourists who don’t have a friend or family member to take their photo? Well you can set the Une Bobine at the perfect location and take your self portrait with minimal fuss.


Une Bobine is currently available for US$25 and can be purchased from here. Une Bobine is now also available to be used on ipod’s and Android phones.

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