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The New Google Nexus 6P

Photo Credit: TechStage via Compfight cc     Remember when the Apple iPhone first came out in 2007? And that […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

 Photo Credit: DobaKung via Compfight cc Microsoft is set to release its 4th generation of surface series tablets on the 26th of October. It […]

Apple iOS9

   Photo Credit: Warren R.M. Stuart via Compfight cc In June this year apple announced its new mobile operating system iOS 9, which has […]

Samsung Releases 16TB SSD

 Photo Credit: _shakib_ via Compfight cc Storage media has always been a hotly contested field, whether it be floppies, optical […]

The Sonder Keyboard – Customisable Mechanical Keyboard

Photo Credit: TASfaction via Compfight cc Keyboards have come a long way since the days of typewriters. From the early […]

HGST Rolls Out 10TB Helium Hard Drives

Photo Credit: hugovk via Compfight cc Ever wonder how big hard drives can get? Storage capacity limitations have increased in […]

The Surface Pro 3

 Photo Credit: akril via Compfight cc Welcome to the latest in mobile computing power: the third generation of Microsoft’s Surface […]

Introducing the Microsoft HoloLens

The hottest new thing on the tech scene right now is the Microsoft HoloLens. Microsoft clearly wants you to have […]

The Raspberry Pi

  You may have heard of the Raspberry Pi, a series of mini computers the size of a credit card. […]

How Wearable Technology Will Change The Future

It is incredible how fast we have developed in the past 5 years and how many advancements we have made […]

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